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BEAR BOWL cook pot!
(The world’s 1st foldable cook pot that fits in your pocket!)

Imagine breathing in the tantalizing smell of tender steak bites, buttery sautéed veggies and cheesy eggs after a long backpacking day.  For many outdoor enthusiasts, an evening meal consists only of boiling water and adding it to a bag of freeze-dried food. Of course, this is convenient and necessary at times, but as you may well already know they contain an exuberant amount of sodium, are expensive, and can take forever to cook (especially in high altitude).  What is stopping you from your dream camping experience of preparing a delicious gourmet meal in the gorgeous open-air backcountry? Limited space?  Weight? Complicated meal-planning?   

We get it and we have been there!  Thankfully, we have been able to create the most delicious easy prep meals and with the light-weight, Bear Bowl cook pot that folds flat, it is more than possible to create that romantic ideal of a gourmet meal in the woods.  There are so many choices for your taste.  We will share a few of our favorites for you below. 

Gourmet seasoned tender steak-bites-

  • Cut your favorite cut of meat into bite size pieces for ease of eating on the trail or at the camp-site.
  • Put in freezer bag, laying flat and freeze overnight or longer if needed,

Sauteed Veggies-

  • Choosing your favorite mix of frozen veggies, put a few pats of butter in freezer bag with said veggies, season as you like and freeze flat before packing up for the camping trip.

Cheesy Eggs-

  • We crack our eggs and put them in a squeeze bottle. Add shredded cheese and season. Then put the bottle of eggs in the freezer.

The morning of the camping, biking, hiking, backpacking adventure, strategically pack the three frozen pre-seasoned items.    Depending on the weather and time, if you plan it well, your items will keep and thaw just about the time you are ready to cook them in your Bear Bowl cook pot that probably traveled in the pocket of your hiking shorts.  Make sure you bring your lightweight seasonings, if you need to add a bit here or there. Also, do not forget your favorite beverage to top off the romantic meal.  Since you didn’t have to pack traditional nesting pots, you will have plenty of extra space to put these extra camping delicacies, if desired!

Don’t worry about bringing a “kitchen sink” or scrubbing sponge.  Use your Bear Bowl cook pot and a bandana.  Use the Bear Bowl cook pot as your kitchen sink and then because the Bear Bowl opens flat and it’s non-stick material, it’s as easy as 1.wipe, 2. wash when necessary, 3. dry completely and fold back up and put in your pocket for later! You’ll forget it is even there until you discover the many other ways it comes in handy! Yep! The Bear Bowl cook pot is the easiest cook pot to clean by far and you will find multiple ways it comes in handy during your adventures! We can’t wait to hear all about them! 

We love to see pictures of your masterpieces, so share them with us and your fellow outdoor adventure enthusiasts who are looking for the best camping food ideas for their outings.

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    dave berg

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