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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and become a Bear Bowl Expert!

Can you use the Bear Bowl on an open flame like a campfire?

When camping and using the Bear Bowl cook pot, the Bear Bowl is not intended to be used over an open flame like a campfire except for survival purposes. The material that makes up the body of the Bear Bowl cook pot is flame resistant but not fireproof.   Open flame will have a high potential of degrading the material after prolonged contact and should be used with caution.

That being said, we have had several reports of people wrapping tin foil around the Bear Bowl cook pot to use over open flame with great success.

 Also, when a SEAR instructor tested it, he used it in a survival type situation over a campfire and it held up well but is not recommended if you want it to last cook after cook.

 Is it safe?

The short answer is if you use the Bear Bowl cook pot as intended, it will work safely and securely. We have gone to great measures to prove it’s safety with lab testing, quality and safety tests. After having the Bear Bowl cook pot tested by a third party lab for food grade and food safety, we are happy to announce that the Bear Bowl cook pot passed all tests!

The Bear Bowl cook pot body is made from a food grade PTFE coated fiberglass and is used in food manufacturing plants as well as in cooking, grilling and baking products. The number of aluminum pots and pans on the market (many with PTFE coatings) are numerous.

We have sold the Bear Bowl cook pot to over 30 different countries and some distributors have had to get food grade tests done in their own countries to import and all shipments have passed. Further research of the material shows that if you overheat the Bear Bowl cook pot to burning, it could have a potential of leaching materials. In the past, PTFE (Teflon) has and is currently used in many kitchen and camping cookware.

The Bare Bones Bear Bowl cook pot (32oz)

4-inch cube cook pot with a 4.5 inch x 5-inch aluminum base.  Total weight 6.2oz

The Bear Bowl cook pot with no paracord handle. When size and weight is the most important, this Bear Bowl cook pot is the barebones option for you. The deceptively small 4-inch cube will hold 32oz of water (nearly 1 liter)!

Bear Bowl cook pot with paracord handle (32oz)

4-inch cube cook pot with a 4.5 inch x 5-inch aluminum base.  Total weight 7oz

You’ll be the hit of the campground with your paracord covered Bear Bowl cook pot. With nearly 12 feet of paracord, you have literally thousands of options for survival and general purpose camping.

 Mama Bear cook pot (64oz)

5-inch cook pot cube with a 5.5 inch x 6-inch aluminum base.  Total weight 10oz

When you have more than one mouth to feed, the Mama Bear Bowl cook pot is possibly our most versatile Bear Bowl. It's just a little bigger than the Baby Bear at a 5" cube but has twice the capacity at 64oz. (1.89 liters). The larger base provides even more protection from less controlled flame sources and it still weighs in at under 10oz. The Mama Bear cook pot is the perfect all around Bear Bowl cook pot!

 Papa Bear Bowl cook pot (128oz)

6-inch cube cook pot with a 6.5 inch x 6.75-inch aluminum base.  Total weight 14.5oz

The Papa Bear cook pot! The big guy! The family &/or large group cook pot! Cook for the whole camping family. Use it as a sink to wash up. With a maximum capacity of 128oz when assembled, you’ll have all kinds of options and like all Bear Bowl cook pots, it opens flat for easy cleaning and folds flat for easy pack and carry. The Papa Bear cook pot is a 6 inch cube and weighs 14.5 oz. It holds up to 128 oz = 1 gallon = 3.79 liters.

 How do I assemble my Bear Bowl cook pot?

It’s as easy as four folds and two snaps. “It is so easy, you can even do it during a bear attack!”  1. Open the Bear Bowl cook pot flat. 2. Hold the handle against you.  3. Fold the two corners farthest from you. 4. Grab handle to end snap and snap together. 5. Fold opposite corners and snap. You did it! 

 What can I cook in my Bear Bowl cook pot?

 You can cook virtually anything you want to in your Bear Bowl cook pot! That’s the cool thing about the Bear Bowl cook pot-it cooks the best eggs, hamburgers, and of course boils water for coffee, tea, purifying, and all your dehydrated meals.

 How durable is the Bear Bowl cook pot?

The Bear Bowl cook pot is made to last. We can’t begin to tell you how many compliments we have received about the high quality of the Bear Bowl cook pot. It is very durable and we have tested some Bear Bowls over 100 cooks and counting.

 Do you offer a money back guarantee on the Bear Bowl cook pot?

We do! We are very confident in the Bear Bowl cook pot and want to please our customers with a positive 5 star experience. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  Bear Minimum is dedicated to address any product/service issues and is committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers.