Bear Bowl Reviews

Bear Bowl Reviews

Bear Bowl Reviews – From Product Customers

"We had to buy another Bear Bowl because we discovered on a hike what a terrific dog bowl it is. Our large dog usually knocks all the water out of his.  The Bear Bowl fits much more compact in my cargo pocket and doesn't collapse or move around. Have you thought of marketing it as a dog bowl?"-Wendy Smith (Customer via Email)

"You should market this also as a portable dog dish! It is way better than what's on the market.  It's easier to carry and not flimsy at all.  The hard base makes it stable and holds water much better-Bernadette (Customer via Facebook)

"I agree.  It has been a great portable dog bowl.  We also had to buy more because we needed one in our bug out bag, car and survival kit."-Janet Morehead (Customer via Facebook)



“Love it! Durable. Easy to store. So many uses: home, camping, hiking, boating, biking/backpacking… The bear bowl just gets better and better.”
– Debbie Dickerson (Customer via Facebook)

“Having the Bear Bowl with you in a survival situation will greatly increase your survivability… I would recommend it.”
– Leif Swenson (USAF S.E.R.E. Specialist Contractor : Military Tested)


“I can’t seem to post a pic from here but we are 8 meals into our Landmannalaugar to Porsmork here in Iceland. Will post pics when we can. Bear Bowls are working great!”
– Jim (Customer via Email)


“I seriously love my Bear Bowl from Bear Minimum! This thing can boil water in no time and is super easy to use!”
– Kat Haas Outdoors (Professional Product Review)

“I just got mine and took it camping… not only does it work perfectly, but everyone is super jealous!”
– Nicolas (Customer via Email)

“This is exactly what i’ve been looking for to make my backcountry camping luxurious and thrifty!”
– Landon James (Customer via Indiegogo)

“I got my bowls and did some home testing. They’re awesome!!! I love these things!!!”
– Erick (Customer via Email)

As backcountry snowmobilers, one of the issues we have is carrying what we need in our small backpack or bag on the sled--space and weight are at a premium. The other main issue we have to think about is surviving should we encounter a breakdown while in the bush. In the winter, snow is easy to come by, but water is much more difficult--not to mention, if you eat snow, you can lower your core temp and it actually takes more energy out of you to process it!

This is where Bear Bowls shine. The bowl is easy to carry, fits anywhere, is lightweight, and most of all, will give us life sustaining water/soup/tea/etc. when we are in a survival situation. Heck, we use it anytime a fire is going, but for us, having a Bear Bowl is a must!

Mark (Online Customer)

“My husband got these for me for my birthday and we took these camping last week. They are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Easy to use and clean up. Thanks so much!”

– Rayven (Customer via Email)

“Got the bowl! It’s awesome! Great job!”
– Kendra (Customer via Kickstarter)

“I received my bear bowl this week and I was able to give it a test run on a one nighter in the woods. I definitely love it, it boiled water for tea and heated my soup faster than my buddy cooked his steak. It was easy to use and even easier to clean”
– Spencer (Customer via Email)

“Omg, I love it!!!!!”
– Clerisa Renee Santiago (Customer via Facebook)

“Took my Bear Bowl for a backpacking trip and it worked great.”
– Bruce (Customer via Email)

“Received my Bear Bowl in time for the camping trip. They seem great so far after some testing at home. Thanks so much!”
– Paul (Customer via Email)