Bear Bowl Reviews-83 to date..

Bear Bowl Reviews

Bear Bowl Reviews – From Product Customers

★ Good products from people that appreciate the outdoors.

The communications from this company are clear and concise. I trust the quality of their product. They seem reputable and they design their products for people that love the outdoors.-Ernie L.


★ The bear bowl is an amazing product…

"The bear bowl is an amazing product that is both functional and attractive! On top of that, the people behind the product are an amazing family of kind, creative people who truly care about their product and the people who buy it!"-Kelsi Blaser

★ Quick delivery and great communication

"Quick delivery and great communication!"-Anton Deschambault

★ The ordering process was so easy and my…

"The ordering process was so easy and my package came sooner than expected. So far everything I've read about this company and their products is on point."-Meredith Sharkey

★ As expected..

"Np, good email communication. On time delivery." -Richard

★ Perfect

"Love this ! Perfect for hiking ! Bought one , went back to buy another & it was on sale ! Yay ! But then I I forgot to complete my transaction by midnight & I missed out !! Love that this is a local company- will spread the word."-Tono Howard

★ Best Portable Dog Bowl!

"We had to buy another Bear Bowl because we discovered on a hike what a terrific dog bowl it is. Our large dog usually knocks all the water out of his.  The Bear Bowl fits much more compact in my cargo pocket and doesn't collapse or move around. Have you thought of marketing it as a dog bowl?"-Wendy Smith

"You should market this also as a portable dog dish! It is way better than what's on the market.  It's easier to carry and not flimsy at all.  The hard base makes it stable and holds water much better-Bernadette 

"I agree.  It has been a great portable dog bowl.  We also had to buy more because we needed one in our bug out bag, car, and survival kit."-Janet Morehead 

★ Surprise

"Surprise! I ordered this the same day that I ordered several items from Amazon Prime. The Bear Bowls were the first to arrive!!!"-Grandma in Redmond 

★ Sturdy, well made!

“Love it! Durable. Easy to store. So many uses: home, camping, hiking, boating, biking/backpacking… The bear bowl just gets better and better.”– Debbie Dickerson 

★ Military Tested

“Having the Bear Bowl with you in a survival situation will greatly increase your survivability… I would recommend it.”– Leif Swenson (USAF S.E.R.E. Specialist Contractor)

★ Iceland

“I can’t seem to post a pic from here but we are 8 meals into our Landmannalaugar to Porsmork here in Iceland. Will post pics when we can. Bear Bowls are working great!”
– Jim

★ We had a shipping and delivery problem…

We had a shipping and delivery problem with USPS. Cory sent out a new shipment and trusted that the first one would be returned to Bear Minimum. I've never had this level of customer care. And we love our baby bear all around!

★ Super easy to use...

“I seriously love my Bear Bowl from Bear Minimum! This thing can boil water in no time and is super easy to use!”
– Kat Haas Outdoors (Professional Product Review)

★ Minimal Space...

minimum space, ultimate practicality, pairs up perfectly with firebox nano“I just got mine and took it camping… not only does it work perfectly, but everyone is super jealous!”-Michael H.

★ BackCountry camping...

“This is exactly what i’ve been looking for to make my backcountry camping luxurious and thrifty!”– Landon James

★ Great cooking device

Great cooking device! I've been using it with hobo stove and then flames can't be too big. But still works nice! I got two sizes: smaller is great for one person and bigger Mama Bear is big enough for 2-4 person. -Bear Bowl Backers

“I got my bowls and did some home testing. They’re awesome!!! I love these things!!!”
– Erick 

★ Backcountry snowmobilers all must have a Bear Bowl for survival!

As backcountry snowmobilers, one of the issues we have is carrying what we need in our small backpack or bag on the sled--space and weight are at a premium. The other main issue we have to think about is surviving should we encounter a breakdown while in the bush. In the winter, snow is easy to come by, but water is much more difficult--not to mention, if you eat snow, you can lower your core temp and it actually takes more energy out of you to process it!

This is where Bear Bowls shine. The bowl is easy to carry, fits anywhere, is lightweight, and most of all, will give us life sustaining water/soup/tea/etc. when we are in a survival situation. Heck, we use it anytime a fire is going, but for us, having a Bear Bowl is a must! -Mark 

★ Great innovation in backpacking gear.

In the original offering I purchased 2 of these since they were such a great price. I used them the first time out on a extended day trip, we brought the bear bowels to make lunch. They work incredibly! The Bear bowels heat very quickly bringing the water to a nice rolling boil in minutes using an alcohol stove. Clean up and getting ready to move on was so simple. closing the bowel up and moving on was fast and easy. What a great innovation in backpacking gear. I did add a piece of tinfoil as a lid to help hold in heat. That simply tucks in to the bowel when folded for storage. What a great simple system. -P.Seim

★ Best Birthday Gift-A huge hit!

“My husband got these for me for my birthday and we took these camping last week. They are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Easy to use and clean up. Thanks so much!”– Rayven

★ Best Christmas Gift! 

"This compact bowl is among the most novel inventions to arrive at sporting and outdoor stores! A folding bowl that's light weight, flattens, and satisfies the most basic need of hikers and campers--eating. Great gift at Christmas for every campers outfit."-Niki Anderson

★ Beautiful and useful when I tested it…

"Beautiful and useful when I tested it out it sits in my bug out kit when I need it easy to clean and easy to use. Better than carrying around big pots and pans for bushcrafting and camping. Thank you Bear Minimum."-Matthew Hall

“Got the bowl! It’s awesome! Great job!”

– Kendra 

★ Excellent product

"Excellent product, very durable."-Bear Bowl Backers

 Easy to clean...

“I received my bear bowl this week and I was able to give it a test run on a one nighter in the woods. I definitely love it, it boiled water for tea and heated my soup faster than my buddy cooked his steak. It was easy to use and even easier to clean.”- Spencer 

-BEAR BOWL BACKERS from Kickstarter-

★ Folds flat takes the heat and cleans up…

Folds flat takes the heat and cleans up fast what else is there.

★ Exactly the thing to get for backpack…

Exactly the thing to get for backpack cooking.

★ We were early supporters on…

"We were early supporters on Kickstarter. They went out of their way to make sure that our party got our bowls in time for our hike through Iceland. The products are excellent. So glad we got them, wish I had had one years ago."

★ For backpacking it’s pretty much…

"For backpacking it’s pretty much useless without a lid."

★ Love your bear bowl

"Love your bear bowl. Was hesitant to use it on my firebox with wood fuel but did it anyway. It coated the outside with soot but it wiped off do easily."-Jesse G.

★ I love my Bear Bowl and so do my kids!

"I love my Bear Bowl and so do my kids! I'd recommend the Bear Bowl to anyone who likes the outdoors and/or adventure. It's perfect for cooking on the go and for many other uses. Great product!" -Taylor Fyhrie

★ Love...

“Omg, I love it!!!!!”– Clerisa Renee Santiago 

★ Backpacking...

“Took my Bear Bowl for a backpacking trip and it worked great.”– Bruce 

★ Camping...

“Received my Bear Bowl in time for the camping trip. They seem great so far after some testing at home. Thanks so much!”– Paul 

★ Fast service and delivery

Fast service and delivery-Glenn Dibler

★ Product arrived on time

Product arrived on time. It is a Christmas gift so I'm hoping it lives up to the claims. 

★ Great Product

"Great Product - Great Price - Great Service."-Bear Bowl Backers

★ Love my bear bowl

Love my bear bowl. It's so easy to pack and use and it's built to last."-Bear Bowl Backers

★ We were backpacking in Iceland..

"We were backpacking in Iceland. I had to be very careful about any extra weight in my pack. This was the perfect product for me. In fact everyone on the trip purchased one. We all loved them."-Daniel W.

★ Good idea

"Good idea. Good product."

Bear Bowl Backers - Andrew Armstrong

★ An unbearably great company

"I first encountered this company on Kickstarter. Not only were they forth coming with all necessary information but they were kind and quick about it. Also they're products are flipping amazing, the innovation and quality are second to none."


★ Love this bowl

"Love this bowl it's kept in my emergency bug out bag in the car. As it folds flat means I can put a few extra items in."

★ Amazing service

"Amazing service, quick responses and a top notch product. 5 stars for sure!"-Jon

★ Love love love my bear bowl

"Love love love my bear bowl."

★ It’s cool idea and it works well.

"It’s cool idea and it works well."

Heather P.

★ Love the product and the people behind…

"Love the product and the people behind it! So great!"


★ The product is excellent!

"The product is excellent and works perfectly with my current gear load-out. My only "complaint" is that Bear Minimum only has the one product line available, because I wish there were others."

★ A Survival Pack Essential!

"If you spend any time in the back-country in the winter (or anytime!) you should have one of these. For snowmobilers and snowbikers, no pack should be without one. Eating snow takes more energy from the body to process the snow and lowers core temp. If you can start a fire, you can stay alive with one of these and keep your core temp up by drinking hot water/tea/soup. Weighs next to nothing, sturdy, and packs flat as a pancake. Think about the circumstances that might make you spend a night in the woods...then ask yourself: Would I be thirsty and needing to warm up? The answer is probably yes. Then ask yourself how would you fix that. This is the answer."-Brent

★ Superlative product

"Superlative product. I’ve used three sizes of Bear Bowls with propane, natural gas, electric burners, campfires, and a Biolite® CampFire stove. Never a problem. They are lightweight, very efficient, and pack down flat to almost nothing. Clean up is rapid and effortless. I can’t recommend them enough." 

★ I love my bear bowl

"I love my bear bowl, just as described. Thanks!"

★ Scouting family

"My family is a scouting family and these fit perfectly into the concept of backing light and being functional and cost effective for 4 for the family and we couldn't be more pleased."

★ Great products and great people!

Great products and great people!-William Vest

★ I have used my bear bowl I got from…

"I have used my bear bowl I got from kickstarter about 30 times now and it is still going strong. It's really nice to have hot soup from a deer blind with little to no extra space being taken up. One of the few items I got from kickstarter I would purchase again."-Morgan R.

My go-to cook pot!

"Highly recommended. I cook and boil water in my bear bowl and I’ve never had any issues. I love how it folds and how lightweight it is. Genius."-Cole


"Small/Flat/awesome I got the small bear bowl, I combined it with my firebox nano folding stove, and they both fit into my maxpedition fatty organizer. I would recommend the bear bowl."-Kelly

★ Extremely Happy

"The owner sent an email. I appreciated the quick, polite, and personal response. I am confident that if there were to be a problem, we could solve it easily and efficiently. Good luck to them on this family endeavor."-Pat Stanicar

★ Hi Cory

Hi Cory, loved the idea and the product. This is a Christmas gift for 'outdoorers' so a truly honest opinion of use would have to come from them. -Kailyn Provin

★ A must have for all outdoor enthusiasts!

"I would recommend this product to all outdoor enthusiasts! I assembled each bear bowl without even looking at the directions and can’t believe how light and user friendly they are. Truly a phenomenal product!"-Linda Arms

★ We had an issue with Postal Delivery

"We had an issue with Postal delivery, but Cory shipped a new order, it arrived and Cory communicated each step along the way. Working with Bear Minimum is a wonderful example of what customer service should be. Thanks to Cory and his team."-Michelle

★ Fast shipping

"Shipped faster than expected. Although my first package was never delivered (lost in transit I guess) they shipped a replacement immediately when I reported it!"-Megan Larson

★ I ordered it and it came fast!

I ordered it and it came fast! Very cool innovated design, can't wait to see what else they come up with!-Betty Woolard Goddard

★ Bought this as a gift for someone..

"Bought this as a gift for someone. Won't know how they like it until after Christmas. The idea seems great."-Bon

★ Best new product I’ve seen in years!

"Best new product I’ve seen in years!"-David Loveland

★ This work greet at Boy Scout camp but…

"This work greet at Boy Scout camp but not sure the durability because I used it once but it work just as shown on TV."

★ So far Bear Minimum has provided me…

"So far Bear Minimum has provided me with excellent customer service. After not receiving my product in the mail (theft or missing mail), they shipped me another one no questions asked. I have not tested it in the field yet, however assembling it and disassembling it is a breeze! Looking forward to using it on my next backpacking hunting trip!" :) -Erasmo Olmos

★ Since we (my wife and I)try to pack as…

"Since we (my wife and I)try to pack as light as can be the bear bowls were heavier than expected. However if it saves using a different pot/pan to cook in we will give it a try. Our schedules for the rest of the year so we will have to wait until next year to give them a try. Then we might do another review."-bchawaii50

★ Great communications thanking me for my…

"Great communications thanking me for my order and updating me on the status of my order."-KC

★ My order was delivered quickly and…

"My order was delivered quickly and cooking pots were easy to put together. I look forward to giving these for Christmas gifts to the hunter and back country skier in my family."-Terri Jackson

★ Just as described and quick delivery!

"Just as described and quick delivery!"-Joseph Piette

★ Exceeded my expectations

"Much lighter and more compact than what I was expecting!"-Wendi Caron

★ Great!

"Neat idea. Was very useful on our last camping trip!"-Lynn Bain

★ Great product

"Instant service! Exactly as advertised! Finally, a lightweight camping cookpot!"-Tommy John

★ Great product

"Great product, already ordered a second set for my son.Good service and quick delivery. Thanks again."-Connie Cook

★ Don't hesitate

"Perfect transaction!"-Patricia Gates

★ Happy with Bear Minimum

"I can't comment on using the pot because I bought it as a Christmas present for my granddaughter and Christmas is still two months away. But the ease of ordering and speed of delivery were both very good. I am pleased so far!"-Uk customer

★ Great product

"Great product. Needed to pay extra import duty to get it to UK but it’s such a unique and well made product it was worth it."-R Fox

★ Good stuff

"Good stuff! Hope they offer a titanium version someday."-Nick Kuespert

★ The bear bowl is an amazing product

"The bear bowl is an amazing product. Ever person or family should own a few of them. They are incredibly convenient and take up hardly any storage space!! Love it!!"-Chloe D

★ Awesome experience

"Customer service was great. Someone contacted me next day to make sure I had all I needed. Received package in two days. Great price for a fantastic gift. Can’t wait for Christmas, my friend is going to be so happy!"-Joan

★ Great costumer service

"My order was lost and not shipped. When I contacted you, you responded immediately and I my package arrived in no time at all. Thank you for great costumer service."-Michael Neely

★ I watched your presentation on Shark…

I watched your presentation on Shark Tank and went to your website to purchase. It will be a Christmas present for my son and daughter in law as they backpack often. I sure they will purchase additional product. Thank you,Mike Neely Montana

★ Can't wait to give these to my 2…

"Can't wait to give these to my 2 backpackers at Christmas. What a great concept! Loved seeing this on Shark Tank!"-MCCox

★ We absolutely LOVE the Bear Bowl

"We absolutely LOVE the Bear Bowl! Already had a baby bear bowl and love it. Then saw them on Shark Tank which is pretty awesome! The product is something that hasn't been done before and so useful when we are camping or hiking. I highly recommend at least the mama bear so you have some extra room for additional friends and family. The entire set I just noticed is on sale now and would make excellent Christmas gifts! Oh and way to go all of you involved in the Bear Bowl development!"-Evan

★ Fast shipping to Canada

"Fast shipping to Canada. Bear bowl is so cute..haven't used yet but can't wait."