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What was it like being on Shark Tank?


Did you know it is easier to get into Harvard than Shark Tank? Yep! Okay. Well, I guess we have something to say about being on ABC's Shark Tank 200th Premiere episode with the Bear Bowl cook pot. 

Our actual Shark Tank pitch lasted over 45 minutes telling them much more about the Bear Bowl cook pot features and Bear Minimum business than was aired. However, they cut it to about 5-8 minutes, so there is A LOT that went on that didn’t get aired. We can't share everything, but there are some funny anecdotes we will share along the way that you might enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and we will answer them if we can. 


Opera Mic Incident

One funny thing that happened is in regards to my (Heidi’s) singing during the pitch after showing the amazing way the Bear Bowl cook pot folds so flat and fits in your pocket.  I had warned a producer ahead of time that I sing loudly because I am accustomed to having a sound check and when I hit the high notes, they usually turn the mic completely off.

They didn’t seem too concerned about it probably thinking, “How can “she” make too loud of a noise to worry about?”

I remember while back stage in the dark, listening to the pitch before us and hearing some drama from the sharks on the other side of the wall, while getting my mic put on, I mentioned that I opera sing a high pitch to the sound gal and SHE actually was quite concerned. 

Before our actual walk down the epic Shark Tank hallway, they let you see your product display in the actual Shark Tank studio.   While there, just a few minutes before our actual pitch, and while the sharks were all busy with news crews and cameras promoting Shark Tank ( I remember seeing Lori Grenier in her gorgeous yellow dress, dancing excitedly for the camera) the sound guy asked me to sing my opera AHHH!!  “Right here? Right now?” Yep. So...I did.

And as you can imagine, it got quite the attention.  The buzz of the room got suddenly quieter and it was a little embarrassing.  On top of that, the sound guy asked if I could bring it down a couple notches! Haha! And yes, I did bring it down a few notches! I may be little, but, mighty can I sing! 

Click here to see Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary sing opera!

I loved when Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary mimic sang or tried to! I loved their laugh after the first time I opera AAHH'd as well!  Embarrassing again, but worth it.  Don’t you think?  Cory wants me to do it with every video we make.  We will see. What do you think? 

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